Why We Serve

"Sharing knowledge and fostering the growth of young people is something I find incredibly rewarding. Weekly Moreau classes are always a bright spot in my week, and I find teaching the class incredibly fulfilling. It is a privilege to play a small role in students' Notre Dame journeys." - Maria Fahs

"I want to care for students and help them discover Truth and propel them to be change-agents in the world for good." - Bryan Reaume

"Moreau offers the opportunity to help first-year students transition to campus life and begin or continue their personal and professional exploration and development. Playing an active role in those processes - large or small - contributes to my vision of a life well-lived." - Drew Espeseth

"The gifts God has given me align with teaching and student development. I feel I'm at my best in life when I know I have quality time with students and an opportunity to lead, teach and mentor. Moreau fulfills this in me each semester."  - Mandy Miller Madden

"It enables me to affirm the dignity and respect of all, including the marginalized within our community, and to promote God's justice - that is, living in right relationship with God and others." - Deacon Mel Tardy

"I choose to serve as a Moreau instructor to demonstrate to students that 'being real' helps build real community. I want to help my students find strength in vulnerability." Dr. Mallory Jagodzinski

"I have been an educator for almost 30 years, a career in which teaching and fostering positive relationships and growth is an intention that I continue to be passionate about and which still brings me great professional and personal joy." - Kelly Harrington

"Each student I encounter is an opportunity to learn from them and help them on their own journeys. As I re-engage with questions that I have previously asked myself, I can receive from their insights and wisdom in my own self-evaluation."  - Dr. Tsz Man Vanessa Chan

"Ultimately, my choice to serve as a Moreau instructor is fundamentally rooted in my desire to accompany my students - to make them feel known and to support them as they too pursue a life well-lived." - Michael Comuniello

"I have been living with Notre Dame students for 38 years. I am known for sharing stories with students and encouraging them to be their best selves. I try to love every student in my class serve as a role model for a life well-lived." - Fr. Joe Carey, C.S.C.