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Since 2015, the Moreau First-Year Experience course has invited first-year students to embrace personal development by asking central human questions and discussing important contemporary topics. As a required component of the University's Core Curriculum, the course is designed to expose students to diverse modes of thought for approaching, analyzing, and understanding different aspects of their lives and world. The Moreau FYE syllabus, common to all sections of the two courses, is organized around the practices of defining, discerning, and developing a vision of a life well-lived.

Moreau Instructors, faculty and professionals representing more than 50 campus units, facilitate weekly class sessions animated by course-wide readings and multimedia materials on a variety of essential themes of human formation. Consonant with Bl. Basil Moreau's understanding of education as “the art of helping young people to completeness,” Instructors inspire students to apply critical, independent thinking and discussion as a way of active, integrative, and student-centered learning. 

Each year, we hope to build a strong, diverse cohort of instructors who are passionate about the course and dedicated to fostering a positive and productive learning environment for each first-year student. Specific responsibilities of Moreau Instructors can be found on the Moreau First Year Experience - Concurrent or Term Teaching Faculty Instructor application.

Ideal candidates demonstrate a commitment to holistic student development and have experience teaching first-year college students. Candidates should have prior experience and/or expertise in building trust, fostering formative relationships, and facilitating meaningful conversations between and among a group of students. Candidates should demonstrate evidence of a disposition towards ongoing discernment and provide examples in which they have engaged with students' questions and concerns. Candidates ought to provide evidence of working alongside other University professionals, when appropriate, to support student academic success and well-being both within and beyond the classroom. 

Applications are welcome from existing Notre Dame faculty (Tenure and Tenure-Track as well as Special Professional, Library, and Research), exempt staff members (those with existing concurrent faculty appointments and/or those with a Master’s degree will be granted priority), and members of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

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Applications for the 2024-20245 academic year open on April 1, 2024 and close at 11:59 PM on April 21, 2024.