1. Bernard Akatu Bernard Akatu

    Bernard Akatu

    Director, HR Analytics

  2. Dan Allen Dan Allen

    Daniel Allen

    Associate Director Spirit/Serv, Alumni Association

  3. 3

    Jocelyn Antonelli

    Nutrition Services Prog Dir, Campus Dining Administration

  4. Download 1

    Kenna Arana

    LEAD Associate Director, Alliance for Catholic Education

  5. William Baer Willie Baer

    William Baer

    Associate Librarian, Hesburgh Libraries

  6. Kate Barrett

    Kate Barrett

    Associate Director, Campus Ministry

  7. Ricky Bevington Csc Ricky Bevington

    Ricky Bevington, C.S.C.

    Temporarily Professed

  8. Hb Hunter Bivin

    Hunter Bivin

    Player Dvlpmnt Asst Director, Football - Operations

  9. Denise Brenes 2 Denise Brenes

    Denise Brenes

    Student Success Asst Dir, Multicultural Stu Progs and Servs

  10. Ryan Brennan Ryan Brennan

    Ryan Brennan

    Sr. Dir. Regional Development, NY Metro Region SRD

  11. Bronson Catherine Headshot Catherine Bronson

    Catherine Bronson

    Faculty, Department of Classics

  12. 9

    Joe Buckhanan

    Change Management Professional, IT Strategy, Planning &Architecture

  13. Profile4 Arnel Bulaoro

    Arnel Bulaoro

    Director MSPS, Offc of Assoc VP-Stdt Development

  14. Maria Candelaria Flukas Maria Candelaria Flukas

    Maria Candelaria Flukas

    Care & Wellness Consultant Adv, Student Support and Care

  15. Capps Head Shot1

    Kathryn Capps

    Athl Administration Assoc Dir, Athletic Administration

  16. Rev

    Fr. Joe Carey, C.S.C.

    Chaplain - ACE, Alliance for Catholic Education

  17. Christine Caron Gebhardt

    Christine Caron Gebhardt

    Asst VP Student Services, Office of VP-Student Affairs

  18. Roberto Casarez Roberto Casarez

    Roberto Casarez

    Bus Systems Analyst Specialist, Teaching and Learning Technologies

  19. Bj 8

    Tsz Man Vanessa Chan

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Psychology

  20. Elizabeth Clarke 1 Elizabeth Clarke

    Elizabeth Clarke

    Lyons Hall Rector, Residence Halls Staff

  21. Comuniello Michael Michael Comuniello

    Michael Comuniello

    Recruiting Program Coordinator, Alliance for Catholic Education

  22. Katrina Conrad 2

    Katrina Conrad

    Std Well-Being Asst Director, McDonald Center for Well-Being

  23. Joe Corpora Joseph Corpora

    Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C.

    Assistant Director of Multicultural Ministry, Campus Ministry

  24. Headshot Portrait 2 Mary Davis

    Mary Davis

    CSLC Assistant Director, CSLC-Ctr for Study of Lang. & Cult.

  25. Dejaegher Headshot Moreaufye Crystal Dejaegher

    Crystal DeJaegher

    ProcessImprovemnt Professional, OIT Special Projects

  26. Joedisipio

    Joseph DiSipio

    Associate Program Director, Alliance for Catholic Education

  27. Headshot Kevin Dreyer

    Kevin Dreyer

    Department Chair, Film, Television, and Theatre

  28. Loriann 600x600

    LoriAnn Edinborough

    Director of Student Engagement, Career Center

  29. Drew Espeseth Cropped 396x286

    Drew Espeseth

    First Year Academic Advisor, Center for University Advising

  30. 12

    LaTonia Ferguson

    Learning & Org Dev Consultant, Office of Human Resources

  31. Headshot Maria Finan

    Maria Finan

    Admissions Assistant Director, Admissions

  32. James Fraleigh

    Deputy Athletics Director, Athletics Community Outreach

  33. April Garcia April Garcia

    April Garcia

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Inst for Educational Initiatives

  34. Headshot Max Gaston

    Max Gaston

    Law DEI Prg Dir, Law School Career Development Offc.

  35. Headshot David Griffith

    David Griffith

    Assistant Advising Professor, Center for University Advising

  36. Chad Grotegut

    Chad Grotegut

    Assistant Director, Academic Servs for Student-Athletes

  37. Kelly Harringtonmoreau Kelly Harrington

    Kelly Harrington

    First Year Academic Advisor, Center for University Advising

  38. Theo Helm Theo Helm

    Theodore Helm

    Director of Communications ACE, Alliance for Catholic Education

  39. Paul Hernandez Paul Hernandez

    Paul Hernandez

    Ldrshp Ann Giving Assoc Dir, AGSM-Fundraising

  40. 8

    Katrina Higgins

    Associate Advising Professor and Director, First Year Advising

  41. Hnautsko Peggy1

    Margaret Hnatusko

    Family Resource Center Prg Dir, Offc of Assoc VP-Stdt Development

  42. Angie Hollar Angie Hollar

    Angela Hollar

    Rector, Residence Halls Staff

  43. Anne Horcher

    Program Manager, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

  44. Madeline Infantine 1 Madeline Infantine

    Madeline Infantine

    Academic Advisor Advisor, Center for University Advising

  45. Michael Infantine Headshot 1 Michael Infantine

    Michael Infantine

    PrintMedia Program Coordinator, Student Media-Broadcast

  46. Mallory Jagodzinski 313

    Mallory Jagodzinski

    Assistant Advising Professor, Center for University Advising

  47. Head Shot Tyonne Johnson

    Tyonne Johnson

    Youth Program Director, Robinson Learning Center

  48. Frankie Beecroft Jones Frankie Jones

    Mary "Frankie" Jones

    Assistant Clinical Professor, Inst for Educational Initiatives

  49. Zana Karabatak

    Zana Karabatak

    ISSA Assistant Director, VP-Assoc Prov for Internationaliztn

  50. Taylor Kelly Headshot Taylor Kelly

    Taylor Kelly

    ACE Advocat Associate Director, Alliance for Catholic Education

  51. Rob Kelly Rob Kelly

    Robert Kelly

    Senior Director of Operations, Dean's Office-Mendoza Coll. of Bus.

  52. Unnamed1

    Bill Kempf

    Development Associate Director, Northwest Region SRD

  53. Fr

    Fr. Steve Kempinger, C.S.C.

    Special Projects Assistant

  54. Kimberly Kennedy Kimberly Kennedy

    Kimberly Kennedy

    Litigation & Records Legal Pro, Office of General Counsel

  55. Pr 4

    Timothy Kenney

    Sorin Society Assoc Dir, AGSM-Fundraising

  56. Anna Kenny Anna Kenny

    Anna Kenny

    Rector, Howard Hall, Residence Halls Staff

  57. Mark Kocovski2022 Mark Kocovski

    Mark Kocovski

    Sr. Director, PS & HRC, Office of Human Resources

  58. 8

    Kimberly Kolk

    Space Planning & Logistics, AD, Office of Housing

  59. Linda Kroll Linda Kroll

    Linda Kroll

    Associate Vice President, Office of Budget and Planning

  60. Monica Laidig 1 Monica Laidig

    Monica Laidig

    SIBC Career Experiential Assoc, Career Center

  61. Head Shot 3 1 Katherine Lane

    Katherine Lane

    Sr Dir Stewardship & Donor Rel, Stewardship & Donor Relations

  62. Dave 7 David Lassen

    David Lassen

    CEL Program Director, Center for Social Concerns

  63. Amanda Leary Amanda Leary

    Amanda Leary

    Program Administrator, Kaneb Ctr for Teaching and Learning

  64. John Lloyd

    John Lloyd

    Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel

  65. E Love Eric Love

    Eric Love

    Dir Staff Diversity&Inclusion, Office of Human Resources

  66. Judymadden 6dbcee587fd6b29aeea0c8a474cf3a91 Judith Madden

    Judith Madden

    Student Support Assoc Director, Alliance for Catholic Education

  67. Katharine Mahon 313 2

    Kate Mahon

    First Year Academic Advisor, Center for University Advising

  68. Allison Malecki

    Project Manager, IT Strategy, Planning &Architecture

  69. Img 2208 Mike Mathews

    Fr. Michael Mathews, C.S.C.

    Faculty, Department of Theology

  70. 2015 Uhs Staff Kevin Kevin Mcaward

    Kevin McAward

    Physician, University Health Services

  71. Bj 10

    Fr. Pete McCormick, C.S.C.

    Director, Campus Ministry

  72. Brent Moberg

    Brent Moberg

    Compliance Prgm Director, Athletics Compliance

  73. Nd Headshot Amber Monroe

    Amber Monroe

    Title IX, Program Manager, Office of Human Resources

  74. Brian Mulholland Brian Mulholland

    Brian Mulholland

    Assistant Professor of the Practice, Mathematics

  75. Headshot Nhat Nguyen

    Nhat Nguyen

    Rector - Duncan Hall, Residence Halls Staff

  76. Bobby Nichols Bobby Nichols

    Robert Nichols

    Keenan Hall Rector, Residence Halls Staff

  77. Emily Orsini Emily Orsini

    Emily Orsini

    New Stud Eng and Form Prg Dir, Office of VP-Student Affairs

  78. Mckenna Pencak Headshot Mckenna Pencak

    McKenna Pencak

    Associate Director, Notre Dame Scholars' Program

  79. Jennie Phillips

    Jennifer Phillips

    Golf Operations&Events Prg Dir, Golf Course Administration

  80. Tony Polotto Anthony Polotto

    Anthony Polotto

    Dir of Const Quality Assurance, Planning, Design, and Construction

  81. Pruitt David 5083

    David Pruitt

    Clinical Law Center Prog Dir, Dean's Office-Law School

  82. Bj 7

    Joseph Quinones

    Fisher Hall Rector, Residence Halls Staff

  83. Bryan Reaume 240x300 Bryan Reaume

    Bryan Reaume

    Learning & Org Dev Prog Mgr, Internal Engagement

  84. Rev

    Fr. Chris Rehagen, C.S.C.

    Director of Residential Life, Offc of Assoc VP-Residential Life

  85. Capture1

    Rudy Reyes

    Regional Development Prg Dir, Northwest Region SRD

  86. Screenshot 2022 01 31 143221 Dan Riemersma

    Dan Riemersma

    Assistant Director, Office of Community Standards

  87. Mirella Riley 480 Mirella Riley

    Mirella Riley

    Prog Dir Acad Recruit& Liaison, Recruitment and Communications

  88. Erinriordan Small Erin Riordan

    Erin Riordan

    Student Involvement Asst Dir, Student Activities-Programming

  89. Bj 9

    Yvette Rodriguez

    DEI Program Director, Dean's Office-Coll. of Engineering

  90. Dan Headshot Reduced Daniel Rohmiller

    Daniel Rohmiller

    Asst Dir Assign&Data Analysis, Office of Housing

  91. Er Headshot1 Ellen Roof

    Ellen Roof

    Academic Advancement Prg Dir, Academic Advancement SRD

  92. Michael Rossetti Michael Rossetti

    Michael Rossetti

    Sr. Community Program Manager, Office of VP for Mission Engagement

  93. Anne Roycroft Anne Roycroft

    Anne Roycroft

    Accreditation Assoc Dir, Alliance for Catholic Education

  94. Bj 5

    Cindy Sachire

    Senior Director Fin Planning, Office of VP-Finance

  95. Sam Sanchez Sam Sanchez

    Samuel Sanchez

    Assistant Director, Band

  96. Diane Scherzer Diane Scherzer

    Diane Scherzer

    Associate Professional Specialist Emerita, Physical Education

  97. 2020 Headshot Rev

    Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C.

    Dunne Hall Rector, Residence Halls Staff

  98. Tami Schmitz Tami Schmitz

    Tami Schmitz

    Assoc Dir Pastoral Ministry, Campus Ministry

  99. Michael Shakour Michael Shakour

    Michael Shakour

    Associate Director, Law School Admissions

  100. Adrienne Skinner

    Adrienne Skinner

    First-Year Advisor, Center for University Advising

  101. Mattheadshot Matt Smith

    Matthew Smith

    Project Manager, IT Strategy, Planning &Architecture

  102. Forrest Spence

    Forrest Spence

    Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics

  103. Amanda Springstead Amanda Springstead

    Amanda Springstead

    Rector - Johnson Family Hall, Residence Halls Staff

  104. 20200615 162755 Brianna Stines

    Brianna Stines

    Learning Designer Technologist, Office of Digital Learning

  105. Dcn Mel Photo For Bio Deacon Mel Tardy

    Deacon Mel Tardy

    Associate Advising Professor, Center for University Advising

  106. Img 3655 Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

    Director, College of Engineering

  107. Chris Temple Headshot Chris Temple

    Christopher Temple

    Academic Supp Program Director, Center for University Advising

  108. Alison Thigpen Alison Thigpen

    Alison Thigpen

    Gameday&AdmSer Program Manager, Event Management

  109. Tracey Thomas

    Tracey Thomas

    First-Year Academic Advisor, Center for University Advising

  110. Headshot Mara Trionfero Lucas

    Mara Trionfero Lucas

    Assess & Edu Assist Director, McDonald Center for Well-Being

  111. Michelle Truncali Michelle Truncali

    Michelle Truncali

    Asst Strength & Cond Coach, Varsity Strength and Conditioning

  112. Jimmy Tull James Tull

    Jimmy Tull

    Care and Wellness Consultant, Student Support and Care

  113. Turner Headshot Patrick Turner

    Patrick Turner

    Assistant Research Professor, Department of Economics

  114. Michael Urbaniak Mike Urbaniak

    Michael Urbaniak

    Pastoral Care Asst Director, Campus Ministry

  115. Steven T

    Steven Varela

    Dir Teaching & Learning Tech, Teaching and Learning Technologies

  116. Nvheadshotjan22 Norman Vesprini

    Norman Vesprini

    Piano Tech Program Manager, Music

  117. Dj Washington Ccd Headshot Cropped Resized Dj Washington

    DJ Washington

    Dir Employer & Regional Engage, Offc Assoc VP-Career/Prof Develpmnt

  118. Chris Washko Chris Washko

    Christopher Washko

    Engineering Careers Asst Dir, Career Center

  119. Pr 10

    Andrew Whittington

    Program Director, Center for University Advising

  120. Ryan Willerton

    Ryan Willerton

    Associate Vice President for Career and Professional Development

  121. Shauna Williams

    Shauna Williams

    Teaching Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

  122. Geoff Young Geoffrey Young

    Geoffrey Young

    Assoc Dir of Communications, Recruitment and Communications